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To hear some of your favorite albums, you need to implement the procedure and get access to the largest music repository in minutes. All you have to do is, read below and add Pandora to your Roku streaming player.

You can either use Pandora free subscription or go for a premium package to acquire more benefits on Apart from the free service, the subscription packages include Pandora Plus ($4.99/month or $54.89 / year), Pandora Premium ($9.99/month or $109.89/year) and Pandora Premium family ($14.99 /month or $164.89 / year).

The subscription charges and add-ons will vary according to the packages and read below to know about it.

What makes Pandora subscription plans special are the features they incorporate and they are also cost-efficient. Here are the benefits of Pandora packages that you will get after executing

  • Ad-free subscription
  • Mesmerizing audio quality
  • On-demand songs available for easy access
  • Offline radio station
  • Customize your own playlist

How to watch Pandora on Roku?

Here is the list of cable/ satellite providers which will help you to watch Pandora on RokuĀ usingĀ

  • Autonomic
  • Xfinity
  • fiOS
  • Dish

Pandora radio app

You can go to the Google Play Store or App store to find out the Pandora radio app and also install it in your mobile devices.

Pandora activation on DirecTV

  • First of all open Pandora on DirecTV by clicking the Menu button followed by Extras option under which you will find Pandora
  • Tap on Next when you are at the Welcome screen of Pandora which will direct you to the activation page
  • Make note of the Pandora activation code and visit and enter the code without any mistakes
  • However, you should not close the television screen until you finish the channel activation procedure
  • After entering the Pandora activation code on the page, you should enter the existing Pandora account credentials or create a new one in the same page
  • Once the channel activation is successful, you will be navigated to the DirecTV station list.
  • If you are facing issues while activating Pandora on Roku, you need can just try to hook up the Ethernet cable properly or go for a wireless network
  • Moreover, you can also try to restart the devices like modem, router and obviously the streaming player

Pandora activation in Roku

Prior to the channel setup, you need to add the Pandora Radio app available in the Roku channel store. The channel activation procedure in Roku is as same as the DirecTV activation, just read below and include Pandora on Roku.

  • Initially, you need to sign in with your Pandora account while the Welcome screen launches in the Roku.
  • If you don’t have a Pandora account, you can just follow the onscreen prompts to create one by furnishing the necessary information for account creation
  • Once you create the account, sign up with it and accept the Terms and Conditions
  • Similarly, find the Pandora activation code in the Roku home screen and go to the official website to provide the code
  • Your channel activation will be confirmed if the details you provide are obvious.

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