Guidelines To Sucessfully Perform Roku TV Setup

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Set up your Roku TV to watch your Favorite Movies and Videos Online. Roku TV with, simple Interface and excellent features grabs the Interest of most of the users today. Here is how you can set up your Roku TV

Roku TV Setup

Step 1

  • To begin with, Press the power button to Turn On your Roku TV
  • The Roku TV startup screen will be visible
  • Then, Follow the Instructions available On The Guided set up screen to proceed with the Roku TV setup

Step 2

  • Insert the Batteries to the Roku Remote

Step 3

Gather the essential Requirements  

  • Wireless network Username and the Password
  • Power cables to connect your Device

Step 4

Choose the Required Language

  • As you turn On your Roku TV, a screen will appear from which you can choose the required Language
  • Once you choose the Language, press the Ok button
  • Besides, select the name of the Country or Region

Step 5

Connect the Roku TV to wired or wireless Internet Connection to proceed with the  setup

  • List of networks will appear on the screen
  • Meanwhile, Choose the Network name from the List that appear
  • To view the Passwords as you type, Use the Show password Option
  • In the same way, Press the Connect Option to Connect your Device to the Network

Step 6

Download and Install the Latest Version of Software

  • Software’s and Drivers are essential to Set up your Roku streaming Device. It is equally important to find the Compatible software for your Device and update it to stream your favorites
  • Once you Connect the Device to the Network, software’s and Drivers will Download automatically

Step 7

  • A Roku Account is essential to active your streaming Device. Here is how you can create a Roku account
  • Go to the respective Link and Provide the required information like Name and Email ID
  • Then, enter the respective Roku activation code
  • Follow the Onscreen instructions
  • Once you create the account, sign in using the credentials Provided
  • Finally, Link your account to the Roku streaming Device
  • It is equally important to turn off all the Devices while you link your Roku device to the account

Roku TV setup process is Complete and you can now watch your favourites

Find the above steps to successfully complete to Setup your Roku TV. For more assistance, visit our website or dial the toll-free number +1-855-804-1313 provided.

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