How Do You Sideload An App On Roku

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Sideload Technique on Roku

It is common knowledge that you can add channels to your Roku using three different techniques. This can be over the web, using your streaming player or using a channel code. Well, most of us are unaware of the fact that there is another technique called sideloading. It is a technique that allows users to add channels that are not part of the channel store and do not have a channel code.

Though this method may seem a little complicated, it can be carried out with the help of our step-by-step instructions. Besides, with sideloading, you can add a channel from any part of the globe. So, how do you sideload an app on Roku?

NOTE: You will need the source code of the app to sideload it on your Roku streaming device.

Sideload An App On Roku

Steps involved

  • Firstly, turn ON your Roku and ensure you connect it to an uninterrupted internet source
  • Then bring the device to the DEVELOPER MODE for which you will need your Roku remote
  • On your remote, press the HOME button thrice + UP arrow twice + Right arrow + Left arrow + Right arrow + Left Arrow + Right Arrow
  • Make sure you follow the above sequence meticulously
  • Your TV screen will now display an IP address which you must note down
  • On the SDK License page, select the I AGREE button using your remote
  • Next, create a password when there is a prompt on your screen
  • And then enter the IP address that you noted down previously
  • Finally, select the UPLOAD option and then select the desired channel’s zip file
  • Now select the INSTALL option after which the channel is added to your Roku device
  • Similarly, you can sideload channels on other Roku devices too

Sometimes, the installation process will take a little longer than usual. Wait until you can see the channel on the MY CHANNELS list. Otherwise, do a system update for the change to reflect. To perform a system update:

Go to the SETTINGS menu > select SYSTEM option > then select SYSTEM UPDATE > and finally choose CHECK NOW

This way, the Roku device will be forced to update the MY CHANNELS list. If you need assistance in sideloading or in refreshing your device, call us at ++1-805-317-0600.

What’s the catch?

The catch is, you can have only one such channel at any given point in time on a single Roku. Meaning, when you try to sideload the second channel to your Roku, the device will automatically remove or delete the first channel that you had sideloaded. For more details on this topic, visit us at