How To Activate NBC com Roku Channel

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Activate NBC com Roku Channel

The NBC com activate Roku app is available on the Roku channel store. It allows you to watch the following individual channels:

  1. NBCSN
  2. NBC
  3. Golf Channel

Activate NBC com Roku Channel

Watch live sporting events, which are telecast on these channels by adding a single app to your roku com link account. The following steps will guide you in activating the channel in your Roku. They are common for both old devices and new devices:

  • Connect the media player to the TV using a high-speed HDMI cable
  • Connect the Roku device to the internet using an Ethernet cable or a Wi-Fi connection
  • Turn on all the devices and wait for the media player to load
  • If it is a new device, you will have to make selections for language, country of residence and then wait for a software download
  • Then, note down the roku activation code from your television screen
  • Then use the roku com link enter code link to activate your device
  • But first, go to the roku com link sign in page
  • If it is an old device, you can directly proceed to the next step to continue with the NBC com activate Rokuprocess
  • Your display screen / TV will display an alphanumeric code called the activation code
  • Note this down and enter the details into your Roku account
  • View our article for Roku account creation for guidance
  • Thus the device is activated
  • To check, turn off and turn on your television and access the Roku channel store
  • If you are unable to access it, then repeat the steps from the beginning

Once you setup roku, you cannot resist from adding the NBC app. The app can be added from your television or by accessing the Roku account from your personal computer or smartphone.

From the TV

  • Go to the HOME SCREEN using the remote and access the settings menu
  • Then select the Roku channel store and browse for the NBC app
  • Select the ADD CHANNEL button

From the Computer

  • Visit Roku channel store and select the SPORTS genre
  • Under this genre, search for the NBC app
  • Select the ADD CHANNEL button to add the channel into your www Roku com link account

You will be asked to pay a subscription fee for acceding this channel. If you have provided your card details during account creation, you don’t have to give the details again. Else, you will have to provide your card details for NBC com activate Roku.Watch exclusive interviews of your favorite sports stars and stay tuned for some great live sporting actions. The events available to stream include,

  • NFL on NBC
  • S. Army All –American Bowl
  • Olympic Summer Games
  • Olympic Winter Games
  • Senior PGA Championship
    Women’s PGA Championship
  • Women’s British Open
  • Breeder’s Cup
  • French Open
  • Tour de France
  • Formula One
  • Ryder Cup
  • American Football League
  • Royal Ascot
  • USA Swimming
  • Rugby World Cup
  • English Premiership

Roku, Apple TV and Amazon Fire TV are three major manufactures of Streaming device with Roku being the most versatile of those devices. For more updates on Roku com link, Roku channel activation or guidance on the NBC Com Activate Roku, just reach out to our team of experts through the toll-free number +1-855-804-1313 or visit