How To Activate PlayStation Vue On your Roku

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Activate PlayStation Vue On your Roku

Roku has been one of the best platforms for a content creator to display their contents! With a platform like Roku, it would be hard for huge content creators to reach out to the people without Roku as a medium. In the same way, Sony Interactive Entertainment has come up with PlayStation Vue.

PlayStation Vue:

The PlayStation Vue is an Internet Television Service for America. It is owned by Sony and it was launched on 18th of March 2015. PlayStation Vue has more than 400,000 subscribers. Vue has various channels which cover almost all categories like News, Sports, Movies, Etc.,

activate playstation vue on your Roku

Subscription packages:

  • Access Package – $39.99 per Month.
  • Core Package – $44.99 per Month.
  • Elite Package – $54.99 per Month.
  • Ultra Package – $74.99 per Month.

Features of PlayStation Vue:

  • Over the Top Service (Content delivered directly to the Subscribers)
  • Cloud-based Digital Video Recording (DVR), up to 10 profiles
  • On-demand video
  • Streaming made possible, up to 5 devices at the same time.
  • Parental Control.

PlayStation Vue is a channel that offers a plethora of content variety, starting from news to sports to movies and much more quality DVR content! It is an on-demand channel, without any necessity to maintain an annual contract.

However, requires you pay a monthly subscription to access the content they provide. Critically acclaimed by a lot of reviewers, PlayStation Vue seems to provide entertainment value to all age groups.

The free trial period

Having a Roku com link enter code, you are entitled to a trial period too. Every account with Roku activation code has one free trial

  • Provide the payment details, if you haven’t provided already.
  • If you wish not to move to the monthly subscriptions from the free trial period,
  • Please make sure to unsubscribe before the trial period ends,

To cancel a Roku activation code, you can either do it via Roku or via your PS 3 or PS 4 consoles. With the PS 3 or PS 4 consoles that you own, you will have to go to the Settings in the Playstation Vue app, click on the Subscription and change the status to unsubscribe. If you are doing it on the Roku device, please go to your channel lists, and highlight the channel. Click options and select unsubscribe from the drop down!

If you find any issues, visit www Roku com link for more assistance

We would recommend Playstation Vue, for its variety in the offering that they make, and we would recommend you to try out free trials from other service providers as well. To know what all providers do that, follow us regularly!

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