How to Activate Roku Paid Channels

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Activate Roku Paid Channels

Roku paid channels are those channels which will charge you monthly or yearly to watch your favorite movies or videos online. Latest and top channels like  Netflix, Hulu, HBO NOW, PlayStation Vue, Sling TV are some of the Pay Channels available on your Roku

Activate Roku Paid Channels

What are Subscription Channels or Pay Channels

  • Roku paid channels monthly are those channels for which you need to Pay a monthly Subscription Charge
  • Subscription Charges Varies and Depends upon the type of Channels. You have Monthly and Yearly Charges. Choose the One that you require
  • If you want to know more about how to activate Roku paid channels, We have the Network team to provide you more assistance.
  • As you add the Channel, the Subscription Charge will be Listed


Subscribe the Netflix Channel to watch the Latest Hit Shows like Black Mirror, Classics like A team and a few more. In addition, you can also watch nostalgic Shows like Gilmore Girls

Requirements to Activate Roku Paid Channels

To activate any Channel on Roku, a Roku com link account is essential. If you have an existing account, sign in with the credentials

Create a Roku Account

  • To create a Roku Account, Go to www Roku com link website
  • Now, Click on the Link to create a new account
  • Enter the exact Roku com link enter code
  • Besides, Provide the essential requirements like Username, Email Address
  • Enter the PIN to Prevent Unauthorized access while you activate the Channel
  • Then Follow the Onscreen Guidelines to Complete the  Process
  • Once you create the account, Sign in with the Credentials
  • Finally, go to the Channel Store to add Roku paid channels monthly

Note –Some Roku paid channels monthly require a Channel Access Code.  Make sure you use the exact Code to Activate the Channel

Surprisingly, free trial is available for some of the Pay Channels

Choose your Payment Method

  • Payment Methods are essential to subscribe any Channel. In brief, Credit Card and PayPal are the available Payment Methods
  • One time Charge is required to use the above Payment Methods.
  • It is equally Important to Login to your account to use these payment methods
  • Now, Follow the available guidelines to add the channel to your Account

How to Cancel or Change Subscription

Note – It is also possible to cancel the Subscription If not required. To cancel the subscription or Remove any channel,

  • Login to your Roku Account
  • Then, Go to the Section, Manage your Subscriptions under the  Manage Account Tab or  Header

In the event that you find any Issues or if you want to know more, Go to our website and then dial the toll-free number  +1-855-804-1313.  Click on the link to know about top 10 Roku paid channels