How To Activate Roku Private Channels For New Movies

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Best Roku Private Channels For New Movies

Roku has so many channels that stream movies. There are so many private channels that stream wonderful movies and provide nonstop entertainment. Below is the list of few best Roku private channels for new movies. You can add the private channel after you know the unique channel code.

Roku Private Channels For New Movies

Kodi cannot be directly added to your Roku as a private channel. Therefore, you need to download the Kodi app on a mobile device. And then, make use of the screen mirroring feature stream to your TV. In reality, this process takes only a few minutes. Follow the step by step instructions in this article and enjoy all the private channels.

List of Private channels for new movies

Here is the list of best Roku Private Channels for new movies

  • 247 Retro-
    • Enjoy classic old movies in this channel round the clock.
  • 24 hours movie channel
    • Enjoy award-winning movies and shows on this channel
    • they also stream TV shows and unedited radio episodes

Abbott & Costello classics-

  • enjoy all the movies from this channel

Ad free timeless television

  • Enjoy watching more than25,000 classic old movies
  • You can also watch cartoons and TV shows on this channel.

Adventure awaits-

  • This channel has the collection of classic adventure movies.

Aliens and cowboys

  • For classic western and science-fic Alien movies lovers this is the best channel.

American Cowboy classic

  • You can watch all the classic western movies on this channel.

AMFM 247 Television

  • TV shows and movies made exclusively by Americans

Area 53

  • Sci-Fi Movies that Attempted to Cash in on Star Wars Craze

Atheist movie

  • Enjoy all the non-religious movies and other programs in this channel.

B-Movie TV

  • You can enjoy movies from various genres
  • It has movies of horror, martial arts, Cult, action and many more.

Best Christmas Channel

  • Enjoy movies that are based on Christmas in this channels
  • You can also watch concerts and cartoons too.

Best free Roku channels ever

  • This channel streams movies round the clock
  • They have Christmas theme movies and cartoons


  • This channel is the best place to watch short movies.
  • You can also enjoy premium web series on this channel

Sign in to your account using the link roku com link sign in and then add the above channels to your account

More list of channels

Black Belt TV

  • Enjoy movies that are based on martial arts
  • You can also watch news and more on this channel.

BlockBuster On Demand

  • Enjoy movies on this channel on PPV basis.
  • You can choose a channel and use Pay per view option and watch

BriteFlix Classics-

  • This channel streams movies that are curated free
  • Enjoy all classic movies on this channel.

British movie and TV-

  • Watch all the British movies on this channel.
  • You can also watch many TV shows from yestyear.
  • Requirements to watch the Channels

Requirements to watch the Channels

  • The requirements to watch the channels include Roku com link account, Secure Internet Connection
  • Also the Roku com link code

Look for the channel code for the channels to add them.

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