How to Add Spotify Private Channel on Roku

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Add Spotify Private Channel on Roku


Did you know that Spotify has been in existence since the year 2008? It has its base in Sweden and is responsible for managing digital rights for many small-time musicians. It is available both as a free channel and also as a subscription channel. Despite having ads and other streaming limitations, the freemium channel offers decent premium content. But if you do not like to be interrupted by ads and other promotions, it is advisable to pay the subscription fees.

Add Spotify Private Channel on Roku

Advantages of having a premium account with Spotify

  • Although you can shuffle play using a free version of the app, you can enjoy ad free streaming only with a premium account.
  • Not only that you also get unlimited free skips and the ability to download videos with this account
  • Listen to high quality audios and stream high quality videos from the comfort of your big screen
  • Moreover, the subscription costs as low as $1 for 3 months
  • Apart from this you can share music with friends and family
  • If this does not matter much to you, then you can as well proceed with a free version of the Spotify app

What it offers?

The Spotify app offers more than you can resist. There are several popular charts that are sure to grab your attention. For instance, there are weekly charts, viral charts and Global charts for you to content from. If it is a premium account, you can enjoy the latest hit albums at the streaming quality. Now that you know what the app has in offer for you, you should also know how you can add it to your device.

Adding the Spotify Roku private channel

Visit the link roku com link sign in

  • Now ,Log into your roku account from a computer or a mobile device
  • Get the roku com link enter code for the channel
  • Select the ADD A CHANNEL option
  • Here, enter the channel code and select the ADD CHANNEL button
  • The channel is available on your Roku com link account
  • If not refresh your device, go to the SETTINGS menu -> select the SYSTEM option -> followed by SYSTEM UPDATE -> finally, the CHECK NOW option
  • Enter your payment credentials
  • If you still find any issues with roku activation code , Dial the toll free number provided

Roku, Apple TV and Amazon Fire TV are three major manufactures of Streaming device with Roku being the most versatile of those devices. Thus, you have now added the Spotify Roku private channel to your Roku account. If you require any assistance to add Spotify private channel on Roku, contact our toll-free number +1-855-804-1313 or visit us at