How to Install Secret Channels on Roku

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Install Secret Channels On Roku

So, how to install secret channels on Roku, install unsupported channels? Can you get it on your Roku? If you have just bought a new Roku streaming device,

  • Complete the player www roku com link activation to begin streaming
  • Then, Install the free channels on your device for streaming
  • For the paid and unsupported channels, Kodi is the answer.

Also, Create a roku com link account

how to install secret channels on Roku

Kodi is not a legal platform, yet it is one of the best streaming mechanism. Add Kodi to the Roku account and stream as many secret channels as you want.


  • It is a media streaming service which is extremely popular.
  • Kodi is very similar to the channel PLEX with little differences between the two.
  • However, PLEX depends on the user for content and therefore you will find many subscription channel options
  • There are no shows and movies which are subscription based on Kodi.
  • You can make use of Kodi and organize the existing streaming files brilliantly.
  • Kodi is more advantageous to the user, as it works with a wide range of file formats.
  • Enterprise users can download apps for streaming networks like ABC Family and Bravo.

How to install secret channels on Roku?

  • Install the Kodi and before you start, set up your device using Setup roku guidelines
  • Roku supports the screen mirroring protocol feature.
  • Use this feature for mirroring the screens to Roku players.
  • With a strong internet connection, the experience is very satisfactory.
  • With Kodi on board, search for the channels specified for your region
  • In addition, you can easily install the Kodi on any Android TV systems.
  • The installation process is very easy with the third-party installations source.
  • There may be some difficulties while adding the Kodi on to your Roku com link device. Our team members shall suggest an easy way to do it.

Some channels are available as private channels for Roku devices. You will be able to add them if you have the corresponding channel code. The top private channels available for Roku include,

Saveur Magazine

This is the right place to fetch tips for gourmet food. Apart from the tips and articles about culinary food items you can also stream their video content. Watch videos on great meal ideas for any type of diet.

Nowhere TV

The Nowhere TV is a channel that must be essentially present in every Roku device. Although this is a subscription channel, you can watch a variety of content. Live, global channels, entertainment and news are some of the genres under which you can find content.

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