How to Perform Soft Reset on Roku

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Perform Soft Reset on Roku

Problems and errors associated with the latest Roku devices like the Roku Streaming Stick, Roku Express, Roku Ultra and Roku Premiere can be resolved by performing the Roku soft reset process. The Soft Reset is nothing but the Process of restarting the Roku device without losing the data or the device’s settings.

Perform Soft Reset on Roku

To perform soft reset on Roku:

 Here are some of the easy steps to perform soft reset on Roku

  • Use the Roku remote Controller, Press the home button five times, Rewind button 2 times and the fast-forward button two times.
  • The above step can be used for any Latest Roku models like Roku streaming stick

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  • Make sure that your roku com link account is active
  • Also verify your roku com link enter code or roku activation code

For Roku 4, Roku Premiere and Roku Ultra users

  • For the Roku Soft Reset for devices such as the Premiere, Ultra and 4, the users can go to the Home screen and choose the settings. Also choose System> Power > System Restart.
  • The reset button will be located on the back side for the older models of Roku devices. If you find it difficult to Press the button, you can try using a Paper Clip. Keep on pressing the Reset button for few seconds and your device will be reset successfully
  • If the above Soft reset Procedure doesn’t work, start performing a Power pull. Power pull is nothing but the method of disconnecting the Power cord for 20 seconds and then plugging it back again

Performing a soft reset for older models of Roku Devices

  • The first step is to remove all the cables and not the power cord.
  • To set up your Device, follow Setup roku guidelines
  • Hold the reset button  on the back side of the device or at the bottom of the device
  • You can release the Reset Button and then start plugging the Power cord back to the device
  • Roku soft reset is complete for the older models of the Roku devices
  • If the soft Reset doesn’t work, you can also start performing the Factory Reset. Factory reset allows you to go through the Roku set up Process again. To perform a Factory resetGo to Settings >Factory Reset > Press the Yes Button
  • Performing a soft Reset can resolve the Freezing issues and other errors associated with your Roku com link device.

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