How to Stream Private Roku Channels Like XTV

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Stream Private Roku Channels Like XTV

Stream Private Roku channels like XTV is an IPTV channel which available for Roku users. There are many private Roku channels like XTV for Roku devices. First, what is an IPTV channel and what is the advantage when you use one? IPTV stands for Internet Protocol Television and it delivers content via the internet. It makes use of a packet-switch network such as the LAN.

Stream Private Roku Channels Like XTV

Therefore, you might have to use your LAN connection (Ethernet cable) to stream this XTV. Setup roku and enjoy the XTV private channel today. There are many free IPTV channels which deliver content available only through premium channels. However, the content is not stable and reliable. But, it is like finding a pot of gold at the end of the 7-colored band. The IPTV channels are reminiscent of the C-Band satellites. Add these below private channels to your roku com link account.

Some of the other Private Roku channels like XTV are:

Philo TV

This is a private IPTV channel for www roku com link players. You can watch live TV and then, news updates on this channel. Pay a subscription of around $16 per month to watch this channel. And, enjoy up to 37 cable TV options with Philo TV on your device.

cCloud TV

The cCloud TV is similar to cloud storage. Why because it is a source for hundreds of IPTV content from across the globe. Watch multiple language news channels and live TV. Furthermore, you can add this IPTV private channel using the channel code cCloudTV. For more information on this channel, contact us at Roku com link


The ASHOK IPTV one of the most popular private Roku Channels like XTV with Indians in the US. You can stream famous TV soaps and movies from your beloved home country. Moreover, you can watch premium content when you pay an annual subscription of just $10. Stream Telugu, Hindi and a few English movies with this channel on your device.

Fontell Wave

This is another happening IPTV channel for roku com link users. However, this channel has no subscription fee associated with it. And, this channel is categorized under the MOVIES and TV section. The Fontell Wave is available since 2016.


The TikiLIVE is one of the latest channels. It is available since June 2017. Stream and watch from the great movies and TV soap collection. This is also one of the free private Roku channels like XTV for Roku users.


Zaap TV is a fairly new channel which offers free content. It makes use of the IPTV technology and has a wide patronage.


Get a free trial for this channel. Eventually, you can pay the subscription fee after the 45-day trial period. Watch channels like ABC, NBC, CBS and other interesting HD channels.

Roku, Apple TV and Amazon Fire TV are three major manufactures of Streaming device with Roku being the most versatile of those devices. Thus, you can watch the above mentioned private Roku channels like XTV on your Roku. Visit or call us at +1-855-804-1313