How to Watch Roku Free Channels

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Watch Roku Free Channels

Think of Roku Channel Store, the ones that immediately pop up in your mind are Netflix, Hulu, HBO NOW and SHOWTIME! Take a diversion and find the lesser known GOLD! With so much entertainment on the go channels, it’s time you start the exploring the lesser known! Watch Roku FREE channels which are definitely on the must add list. We have come up with the best Roku FREE channels covering entertainment and learning. Glance through this list to find your pick from these awesome channels to stream and enjoy!

Watch Roku Free Channels

Create a roku com link  account

  • Roku account is essential to add any channel
  • To begin with, Visit www roku com link
  • Now click on the Link to create an account
  • Make sure you enter correct roku com link enter code or roku activation code
  • Once you create the account, Click on  roku com link sign in
  • In the event that you find any issues to create the account, read set up Roku guidelines

Here are few of the channels that are must-adds for your Roku account! Add them and enjoy streaming these channels!

Must add these Roku favorite channels to your account.


If you love cooking, this has got to be your top most pick in Roku FREE channels! Stream on to find cooking tips and expert opinions!

Bob Ross

Love painting? Don’t forget to add this channel which offers you the chance to paint happy clouds amidst the mountains and rivers! And to top it all, it’s with Mr. Bob Ross!

Jim Henson Family TV

If 80s and 90s were your favorite period, get nostalgic with Fraggle Rock, Secret Life of Toys, Wubbulous World of Dr. Seuss and more.


Who wouldn’t love TED? Stream on a million videos on the topics you love! This is a must watch Roku FREE channels from the list.


Free movies streaming that has got the must watch list such as The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo, Belly, and The Odd Couple.

Relax Time

When you hit the mundane button, you find yourself wishing for some quiet time on a faraway land or vacation spots. Tune into Relax time to find yourself looking for the far away dreamy spots, which is filled with turquoise waters, palm trees, and gentle waves and everything that is simply nature.

Space Time

Budding scientists, this is the channel to watch out for experiencing some of the best educational content from NASA. Covering deeply about Featurettes, Deep Sky, Solar System, Space Travel, Historical, and Astrophysics, this NASA channel should be on your regular list.

Popular Science

Centered around technological and scientific news, this one keeps you abreast of all latest news be it 3D printing or self-driving cars.

FilmOn (NMEVA)

A tremendous TV service which is actually based on the Internet. With licenses, equalling to more than 600 global channels and 90,000 video-on-demand titles, FilmOn gives great exclusive access to the audience who prefer over-the-air channels. Get the FilmOn as it gives great selection of movie choices for users to have a great movie marathon experience. If you need an assistant to link your Roku channels to Roku com link account, then contact our online Roku help team any time.

Roku, Apple TV and Amazon Fire TV are three major manufactures of Streaming device with Roku being the most versatile of those devices.  The Roku channel store has no shortage of channels across its varied genres of Movies and TV shows. Containing close to 3500 plus channels, users will have to be on lookout to find the many lesser known channels, which come with great programming. Stay tuned to this space, as we bring you more updates. Call our toll-free number +1-855-804-1313 for assistance or visit us at