Learn About The Free Roku 3 Channels List

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Free Roku 3 Channels List

Not all Roku device support every channel available on the channel store. Since there is a new Roku device being released every year, the channels too keep updating themselves. Therefore, if you own a Roku 3 you must have a list of channels that are supported on your device. Having this in mind, we have come with a free roku 3 channels list. You can use this list or even call us on our toll-free number for clarifications.

free roku 3 channels list

The List

It is common knowledge that Roku’s channel store has thousands of channels under various categories. We will now look into certain genres and the channels in them that will play on your Roku 3.


  • The AFV is a universal channel that entertains people of all ages. You can stream this channel on both old and new Roku devices without any trouble.
  • Another comedy channel that should a part of your account is the Looney toon network. You can get nostalgic with cartoons that you grew up with.


Roku has many different fitness channels for its users. You could choose to follow a Zumba fitness routine or maybe take it light with yoga. Here are a few channels that figure on our free Roku 3 channels list.

  • All Fitness TV is a fitness app that is available 24/7 for all Roku users.
  • Other channels that offer free fitness tips and videos include,
    • NetFit Free
    • Free Fitness Videos
    • The Exercise channel


Are you someone who loves experimenting with recipes from around the world? Then, here are some interesting food channels that you must add to your Roku today. Stream high quality cooking videos for your everyday needs on the iFood.tv channel app. Besides, they also have separate channels for other types of diets and cuisines.

  • If you are an Indian food lover, then you can add the Indian Recipes by iFood.tv channel.
  • They also have a special channel for healthy diet called the Healthy Recipes by iFood.tv.
  • Other notable channels from iFood.tv include Chinese Recipes by iFood.tv and Vegetarian recipes by iFood.tv


Another important genre that we have to discuss is the Kids and Family genre. There are numerous options below are the channels that feature on our free Roku 3 channels list.

  • The HappyKids.tv channel is a free and safe app that you can add to your Roku 3 device. You can stream programs according to the age of your kids. Apart from this, it also has informative and other educational videos for your kids.
  • If your kids love movies, then you can add the Popcornflix Kids version to your device. It is one of the biggest movie databases with hundreds of free movies for you and your kids.

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