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With 32 teams, the National Football League – NFL matches are always jittery to watch as this year 2019 it will be 100th season of this professional American Football league. Fun-fact of NFL is that it is one of the four prime sports leagues of North America and has the gratitude of uppermost proficient level of American Football from all over the globe. There are various options to watch the back to back action of 2019 NFL season’s matches and playoffs. Subscribing to NFL via DirecTV can give you access to from the ‘Live a little’ package.


NFL playoff game on Roku -

NFL playoff game on Roku –


Embarking with NFL games on the mind, Roku has quite a lot of channels covering the NFL playoff game on Roku. Giving a week full of back to back action with Monday night games, Thursday and Saturday NFL games, the NFL channel has all the options to stream live NFL games on Roku.

Earlier the Sunday tickets were available only for people who are residing in the US apartments. Now, you can get hold of the NFL Sunday Ticket if you are in a metro area or by giving in your Zip code and university name.

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Outline of NFL’s Regular season matches:

The NFL match starts on early September and continues till December, as the game has 16 games and on which each team plays week by week. On the finals, six teams who have qualified from the regular season will compete with each other to participate in the Super Bowl.

The 32 teams are split up between National Football Conference and American Football Conference. Qualifying for the Super Bowl, 4 – divisional winners and 2- Wildcard teams – totally six teams from each conference is picked up for the big game.

NFL Game Schedule:

The final four survivors from the divisional round will be qualified for the AFC and NFC Championships games. The NFL 2018 finale is all set to commence with Super Bowl LIII in Atlanta from February 3rd. Besides, the can give you the entire access to this season’s NFL game night.

NFL Playoff schedule:

Wildcard Weekend:

January 5 – Saturday

  • No. 6 Indianapolis 21-7 over No3. Houston
  • No. 4 Dallas 24-22 over No. 5 Seattle

January 6 – Sunday

  • No. 5 Los Angeles Chargers over No.4 Baltimore
  • No. 6 Philadelphia 16-15 over No. 3 Chicago

Divisional Round:

January 12 – Saturday 

  • No. 6 Indianapolis Vs Kansas City
  • No. 4 Dallas Vs No. 2 Los Angeles Rams

January 13 – Sunday

  • No. 5 L.A Chargers Vs No. 2 New England
  • No. 6 Philadelphia Vs No.1 New Orleans

Championship Sunday:

January 20 – Sunday

  • NFC Championship
  • AFC Championship

Super Bowl LIII:

February 3 – Sunday

  • AFC Vs NFC

Get hold of the entire 256 games, Super Bowl LIII and Playoffs with Roku NFL game pass. With the game pass, get hold of the live shows from NFL networks and the entire game repository. Similarly, access NFL RedZone and replay your favorite season and rerun your favorite part of the match. Available only for the US territories, people who are out of the territory can prefer a VPN to get the

Perks of having Roku NFL Game pass:

  • Stream live games – Preseason, Regular Season, Playoffs, Super Bowl LIII
  • Resume, Full Replay, Condensed, Listen the game
  • Two channels – NFL Network, NFL RedZone
  • Download games
  • Player search
  • Coaches film

How to get your NFL Sunday ticket |

First off, you can try and get the entire National Football league with certain TV Partner’s. They are,

  • Fox
  • CBS
  • NBC
  • ESPN
  • NFL Network
  • Telemundo Deportes

Options to watch this season’s NFL and Super Bowl LIII on Roku:

The NFL and Super Bowl LIII matches can be watched on live telecast with various channel options on a Roku account.

  • Hulu Live TV – Fox, NBC, CBS, ESPN
  • Sling TV – ESPN, NFL Network
  • CBS All Access
  • NFL Game Pass
  • PlayStation Vue
  • DirecTV Now

While most of the channels are payable, there are few channels that stream NFL games for free. Likewise, the can be got hold via DirecTV Now subscription under few criterions.

Get hold of,

  • Monday Night Football Online with ESPN
  • Thursday, Saturday and Sunday Night Football Online with NFL Network

Pretty much the ESPN and NFL Network covers most of the league matches. Prefer the live channels to cheer your favorite playoffs right from home with Roku.

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