Now Stream 2018 Winter Olympics on Roku

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2018 Winter Olympics on Roku

The 2018 winter Olympics will kick start from this week onwards. Do not miss out anything from this extravagant starting from the opening ceremony. Roku has a good news for you. Enjoy all speed skating, skiing and tons of other events from the winter Olympics from home using your Roku device. You do not need a cable TV or a two-year contract to watch all the winter Olympic Games. You can enjoy Olympic Games streaming on Roku device now. Your winter is about to get even more entertaining now!

2018 Winter Olympics on Roku

The channel that streams the winter Olympics 2018 games is NBC. NBC channel will stream the 1,800 hours of Olympic Games. Enjoy all the world-class actions for the next few weeks with the help of the Roku streaming player.

Steps to watch the winter Olympics on your Roku device:

Roku users in USA can use the NBCSN subscription and can enjoy all the actions of the winter Olympic Games and actions live using the NBC channel.


  • You should have a paid subscription to the channel provider to enjoy the streaming.
  • Use the login credentials of the NBCSN which you subscribed using the Youtube TV, DIRECTTV NOW, Hulu with live TV, PlayStation Vue, etc.

You can also subscribe to cable services such as DIRECTV NOW or Sling TV which stream the NBC channel. You will have to pay a separate subscription to activate the NBC channel or the Olympics channel using these cable services

Popular Games of Winter Olympics 2018 you should not miss:

1. Alpine Skiing:

  • The good thing about ski racing is you do not have to know the game.
  • You can enjoy all the great performances as the contestant skies down the hill.
  • The fastest person one to reach the ground skiing down the hill will be the winner.
  • You can know where the player is as the number flashes up when the player crosses the line.
  • Find fascinating performances of Mikaela Shiffrin and Lindsey Vonn.

2. Figure Skating:

  • This game is all about grace, elegance, athleticism, music and many more.
  • Figure skating is always a top choice for fans during the Winter Olympics.
  • The scoring can be a little confusing. But it is based on the degree of difficulty the performer displays.

3. Snowboarding:

  • This game attracts the younger crowd.
  • The player has to descend down the snow-covered slope using the snowboard attached to their feet.
  • The players display a variety of styles down the slope.

4. Short-Track speed tracking:

  • Asians, Europeans and North Americans are very good at the Short-track speed tracking game
  • There is always a level of drama with this game as you cannot predict the winner.
  • The game is really fast with thrills and spills.
  • It gets over very quickly and you get to know the winner in a short time.

5. Ski jumping:

  • This is one of the classic winter Olympic sports.
  • The Ski jumping venue consists of a jumping ramp, take-off table, and a landing hill.
  • Every jump the players make is evaluated based on the distance the player travel and the style the player performs.


  • Among the existing sliding sports, this is the dangerous one.
  • Four players push with a fast-paced start.
  • This game has now started attracting players from places like Nigeria, Jamaica and many countries.

There will be many such wonderful games going to take place during the winter Olympics. Do not miss out all the fun. Add the NBC channel now and enjoy all the Winter Olympics extravagance using your Roku.


  • Choose packages for DIRECTV NOW to get the NBC Subscription.
  • For around $35 you can watch both NBC sports and USA channel using the DIRECTV NOW.
  • Pay around $60 and get the GO Big package to choose the Olympics channel.

Sling TV

  • Sling TV also offers the NBC channel, the USA channel for $25/month as a blue package.
  • Get the CNBC for an additional $5 if you are under the News Extra plan.

PlayStation Vue

  • You will be able to stream the Winter games live via the following channels, using the PlayStation Vue
    • NBC
    • CNBC
    • NBCSN
    • USA
  • Pay extra $5 to get the core package to get the Olympics channel

You can also add the NBC directly to your Roku device to watch the 2018 winter Olympics.

Steps to add NBC channel to your Roku device:

  • Click on the home button on your Roku remote to add the channel.
  • Search for streaming channels and click on the channel store from the menu to look for the channel you need.
  • NBC is a paid channel. You need to have paid subscriptions with this channel to use it.
  • So Click on the buy option and purchase the channel using the payment details you have saved when you created the account.
  • If you have set a pin to protect your Roku account, provide the pin number.
  • After you add the channel you can find the channel under the home or on the main screen.

Winter Olympics are about to start at Pyeongchang County, South Korea. Start watching from the Opening ceremony to the closing ceremony and all the games happening without missing anything with the help of the NBC channel on your Roku device. For more information call us at +1-855-804-1313 or visit us at