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How to Activate Roku Link Code ?

Use Roku Activate Link For Roku Account Creation

Use Roku activate link to create an account, link a new device and manage channels. Apart from the actual device, a Roku account is one of the essential things to stream online videos on TV. Make use of this account to manage what you see and how you see. It is a multi-feature account that holds info on all your Roku devices and channels.

Roku Activate Link

Creating a new account using Roku activate link

  • Before you begin, you need a computer or mobile device with an internet connection
  • Next, use a web browser and open the SIGN UP page specific to Roku
  • SIGN UP is a three-step process for all users
  • First, enter your personal details such as first and last names
  • Then, enter a valid email address that is not associated with another Roku account
  • In the meanwhile, fill in a strong password for your account
  • Navigate to the next page after filling in all mandatory text boxes on the first page
  • Then, set a secure PIN for your account
  • Additionally, set the preferences for PIN usage on your account
  • Navigate to the last page after filling in all mandatory text boxes on the first page
  • Here, enter the payment credentials such as credit card info or PayPal account info
  • Finally, select the SUBMIT link button to complete account creation


  • Check for successful account creation
  • To do this, log in using the email address and password provided for account creation

Linking a new device using Roku activate link

  • You can link a new or an old device to your Roku account
  • To begin with, open the login page of Roku on your computer or mobile device
  • Log into the account and identify the LINK A DEVICE option on the home screen of your account
  • Select the link and navigate to the device linking page
  • Here, enter the activation code of your Roku device
  • This is an alphanumeric code that appears on your TV when a Roku is connected to it
  • Then, select the SUBMIT button to save your option
  • The code is verified with the Roku server
  • Next, the Roku device gets activated

Managing channels using Roku activate link

  • Use a computer or mobile device to log into your Roku account
  • Search for and add new channels to your account
  • For this, make use of the ADD CHANNEL option
  • Adding a channel to the account will reflect on all devices linked to it
  • Similarly, search for and delete channels from your account
  • For this, make use of the REMOVE CHANNEL option

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