Roku Cord Cutting Tips from Our Experts

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Roku Cord Cutting

Roku is a streaming device that assists users in streaming online content. However, these devices are also capable of bringing home local channels without having to subscribe for a cable connection. That is exactly why these are referred to as cord cutters. Before you can cut the cord, you may need a few easy Roku cord cutting tips. Here is a list of the most popular ones from our very own team of experts.

Roku cord cutting Tips

What are the top tips?

These tips can range from getting a new antenna for live content or adapting to newer channels such as Sling TV or PlayStation Vue. Therefore, we would advise you to choose tips that might really work out for you.

  1. Before you actually cut the cord, you must spend a few weeks without using your cable connection. This is almost like a test drive.
  2. Instead of a cable connection, you could choose to use an antenna. If you are not willing to make that move, then you can stick to online streaming options such as Netflix or Pluto TV.
  3. Otherwise, you can get rid of all conventional methods and subscribe to a service such as DIRECTV NOW or PlayStation Vue to watch live TV. They offer live and on-demand content for Roku users.
  4. Plex is another solution for cord cutters as they help you organize online content better. Refer our other articles which talk in detail about setting up and using Plex for Roku.
  5. Before shifting to a streaming player, just make sure that your internet connection has decent download speeds. Otherwise, you may want to speak to your ISP to deal with internet related issues.
  6. And also, you may need a good quality router when wireless connections for your Roku.
  7. On the contrary, you can also use an Ethernet cable connection with certain Roku models. You may want to call us on +1-855-804-1313 to know how does Roku work and which Roku devices support a LAN connection.
  8. There are plenty of free channel apps available on the Roku platform which you must browse through before making the big decision.
  9. Be brave and cut the cord for you will always find alternatives to your traditional TV watching experience.

Best channels to stream when you cut the cord

There are thousands of channels lined up for users on the Roku channel store. Some of them are available free of cost and there are also paid channels. You can choose your favorite channel app, add it to your device. Besides, you don’t have to pay for additional channels that you never actually watch.

Netflix – this is the guru of all streaming channels with the largest and latest movies library. And they are also home to some of the best TV shows in the US.

Hulu – the top pick for people looking for free quality content. The channel is also available for subscription and the only difference is the commercials.

Sling TV – it is a channel bundle which has content under various genres such as sports, music, movies, news, etc.. There are different subscription plans each having a different variety of channels.

PlayStation Vue – this is a choice for people looking for multiple streams at the same time. This is suitable for homes which have more than one TV. You can enjoy quality entertainment at really low prices.

Enjoy streaming with these cord cutting tips and visit us at for other informative articles on Roku. We are also available on our 24/7 toll-free number +1-855-804-1313 for assistance in setting up or troubleshooting your streaming player.