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Roku support for Streaming Players 

Roku players are familiar to everyone in the United States as it is available at an affordable rate and offers endless entertainment.  From the top streaming services to free channels, you can acquire everything on the Roku streaming players. And Roku is giving the best Roku support at the site.

Roku Support

The main reason for the monstrous growth of this streaming player is the unique features and great specifications it offers to its customers. Find out the Roku setup instructions and to kick start your streaming journey with the Roku streaming players.

Roku setup

The first and foremost step in setting up any gadgets remains the same, unboxing. If you remove the packages properly and safeguard the accessories by keeping it aside, you are half way through the setup.

Acquire the important items like user manual, power adapter and batteries. Most importantly, don’t forget the Roku remote which plays a vital role in handling the device. Now you can commence with the basic setup by following the below given instructions.

Basic setup

  • The preliminary steps of the Roku configuration include connecting it with the television and check whether the setup is successful.
  • Initially, make use of a brand new HDMI cable to connect the television and Roku player
  • Connect the power adapter between the Roku player and the power source
  • You need to witness the Roku logo when you switch on the television which indicates a successful connection
  • If the connection falls short, you need to start from the scratch

Internet connectivity

  • After you see the Roku logo, just pair your remote with the device
  • Once the remote pairing is successful, you need to move forward with the wireless or Ethernet setup
  • It is suggested to prefer a wireless connection than using an Ethernet connection
  • Choose Wired or Wired according to the kind of internet router you use and follow the steps below.
  • If you choose wired connection, the device will connect to internet and link your device with Roku account.
  • When choosing the wireless network, you will have to enter the network credentials
  • Your Roku player will connect to the network after furnishing the wireless password

Activating the Roku streaming player

When you complete the above steps, it’s time to link your streaming player with the device and follow the steps given below to do so.

  • Create a Roku account on website by furnishing the details like email, name, password and accept the Privacy Policy by clicking the Submit button
  • You will find the Roku activation code during the initial setup, make a note of it
  • Enter the code after signing in with your Roku account in the Roku support website
  • Now you are all set to stream the favorite channels on your very own Roku streaming player.

Roku support

Struggling to setup your Roku streaming player? Don’t worry, just give us a ring and Roku support will fix the issues in minutes. Our expert technicians will lend a hand in creating a Roku account, linking the Roku device and account, Roku channel activation, Roku PIN setup and also will offer more.

Moreover, if you hit upon issues like power on problems, audio issues, Playback problems, HDCP errors, remote issues and the dreadful Roku error code, our Roku support team will eliminate the issues in no time.

Most common Queries

When your Roku screen is struck in-between, try to give a restart from the settings. Else, give the manual reboot by pressing a small button on the device and also start over from first again. Keep in mind, while doing both the process allow your device to cool down a few seconds. Also, plug out the device from the TV and plug it back again after a few seconds to eradicate the issue.

If your Roku is not streaming any videos, first check with the wireless connection on Network Settings of Roku. In case if your Roku is not connected to the internet, check with the basic solutions why it is not connected and bring it back on your network. Try solutions like manual wireless connection, a soft reset and also switching your Roku off to eradicate the Network connection issue.

Also, in case if there are Roku error codes like 001 then it’s an indication that your Roku is unable to connect with the network. In scenarios like these, try to improve your wireless connection by connecting only one device under the one router. Also, place the router within the mentioned area and not in a prolonged distance.

If your Roku is not working, and then first check with the connections, whether the device is on the correct port and all the cables are intact with the power outlet. Equally important, see whether you are opting the correct AV on TV, where you’re Roku is inputted.

If your Roku is flashing red lights continuously, it means the there is less power on the device. Hence, it needs to be plugged into a power source immediately. However, if the red lights are rock-solid on for more than a few minutes without blinking/flashing, then it indicates that the device is over-heated.

For more queries regarding Roku setup, activation, error codes, troubleshooting and many more, just contact our customer support number +1-855-804-1313 or visit our Roku code link website.