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Streaming the on Roku streaming player

TBS channel is a part of Turner Entertainment that’s available for you to stream on your Roku players. Many participating satellite and cable TV providers also provide you the TBS channel with their subscription.However, to stream TBS on Roku, you have to activation of the TBS channel using the website. roku

Activating the TBS Channel on your Roku streaming player

  • Connecting the Roku player to your TV using a premium HDMI cable, switch on both devices.

  • After setting up the Roku device over a Wi-Fi network, go to streaming channels and search the TBS Roku app.

  • Add the TBS channel to your Roku feed and select it again before signing in with your provider account. Roku will give you a TBS com activate code which you can use to activate the channel.

  • Now, from a supporting device like a PC or smart phone, go to the website

  • Entering the code on the website, you’ll see TBS channel refresh and become active on Roku.

How can you watch TBS if you are a cord cutter?

If you’re not a fan of the cable, then streaming TBS with a skinny bundle package is possible with,

  • YouTube TV
  • Fubo TV
  • PlayStation Vue
  • DirecTV Now
  • Hulu with Live TV
  • Sling TV

All these packages have a different subscription rate and you can avail them on your Roku player. Perform the TBS com activate with the help of the website today.

Know about the TBS movies that you can stream on Roku

Watch the retro TBS movies like First Daughter, First Shot, Dead in a Heartbeat, On Hostile Ground on Roku.

Kissinger and Nixon, Disappearance and Fred Claus are some of the other TBS movies that are on the channel.

What TBS shows are the most popular on the channel?

One of the long standing TBS show on the channel is the Conan Talk Show. Conan discusses the recent headlines and puts them in perspective with his satirical and comedic remarks. This TBS show also interviews celebrities from the  movie making and show making industries.


If you’re into rap battles, then this TBS show might just be the right find for you. ‘Drop the mic‘ pits two or more celebrities against each other where they imbue their feelings and creativity into their rap. However, only the best rapper emerges victorious and gets to move on to the next stage.


Full Frontal with Samantha Bee is a TBS show where Samantha Bee goes full throttle. From giving you a breakdown of the candidates who are running for the elections to clearing up the hallucinatory clouds of impractical bans and walls looming over the country, Samantha Bee does it all.

Know what TBS Series airs on the channel

What if God decides to randomly blow up Earth one day or stops listening to your prayers? What if you’re an angel of God who is overworked and underpaid with just 2 weeks of health coverage for every 1000 years of service? Well, that’s how it is for angels Craig and Eliza who have a bet with God. They’re bet is to answer an impossible prayer and if they’re successful, God should stop the destruction of Earth. Now they’ve got to make sure that Laura and Sam fall in love within a span of 14 days. Watch Miracle Workers to know about what happens further on this TBS series starring Danielle Radcliff.


When Chantal goes missing, Dory (played by Alia Shawkat) forms a search team of ex-boyfriends and self-obsessing narcissists. Watch how each one of the unique members of this odd team overcome their differences to find the truth. This TBS series, Search Party has been on the air since 2016 and has two seasons and 20 episodes.


Or if you feel like watching a family centric story that also includes the travel genre, then the TBS series ‘The Detour’ is your best choice. The Detour show is about a family coursing through the country on a road trip encountering many adversities and setbacks.

Watching the TBS shows and movies on the TBS app

  • By downloading the TBS app from the Android or iOS stores onto your devices, you can stream these shows.
  • TBS app lets you conveniently watch from your mobile devices, the programs mentioned above.

Now Enjoy your Favorite TV Shows and Movies Streaming on Roku with  TBS Channel on Roku. For the activation of the Channels and Streaming Device just make a visit to Roku code Link site or call us at the toll-free number +1-805-317-0600.