What are the Difference between Roku and Fire stick

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Difference between Roku and Fire stick

Competition for the best streaming device has become hotter than before. Want to know which ultra-portable streaming device reigns supreme? Among the portable streaming devices, Amazon’s fire stick and Roku’s streaming stick are the front-runners. Want to know which one is the best among Roku vs Firestick? Continue reading the blog.

Difference between Roku and Fire stick

Design and compatibility:

  • When it comes to hardware both the streaming devices have powerful hardware on a palm-size stick.
  • Both the devices have quad-core processor which helps in delivering the best quality resolution.
  • Roku has a USB drive look measuring around 5.5 inches long.
  • Amazon Firestick looks more or less similar to the Roku streaming stick measuring 1.5*5.9*0.7 inches
  • Design wise both the devices looks more or less the same.
  • Both Roku and amazon fire stick support array of devices.
  • It includes devices that have both Android OS and IOS.

User Interface and Operating system:

  • Design wise there is not much of differences between both the devices. For more information about the design features, refer Roku com link website.
  • But they both differ only in the software and user interface perspective
  • Roku runs on its own operating system.
  • But Amazon Fire stick, on the other hand, runs on an Android OS.
  • Roku OS provides the users with a very simple and easy to use UI.
  • This makes users very easy to use Roku.
  • Though they come loaded with more than 1000+ channels, users can browse through what they look for very easily.
  • Roku already has a selected amount of content within. Rest you can download it from the Roku channel store or you can simply type the channel’s code using roku com link enter code, to directly get the channel.
  • Amazon running on Android OS has an HTML 5 skin.
  • Each channel is in the form of a tile.
  • You can also find a list type menu on the other side.
  • The major advantage with Roku’s User Interface is that you can customize the channel placement.
  • You can arrange and place the channel in whichever order you want.
  • But when it comes to Amazon Fire Stick, you cannot do so.
  • You can only use the existing style.


  • Roku has more than one type of remote to choose from.
  • Based on the streaming stick model, you can choose the remote.
  • It has RF-based remote control which makes you use the remote from anywhere.
  • You don’t have to place the remote in the line of contact.
  • Certain models on Roku streaming stick comes with a headphone jack
  • This helps you with private listening.
  • Lost your remote? Not a problem. Locate it with the lost remote locator/finder. When you misplace your remote, you can easily locate it.
  • Amazon also comes with a physical and handy remote.
  • They have voice search enabled which lets you search your favourite channels using your voice command.
  • Additionally, both the devices have apps for Android OS and IOS with which you can change the channels.

The above description provides you with the Roku Vs Fire stick- The difference and the best between them

Additional Information:

  • Both the devices are compact and hence they are travel-friendly.
  • You simply have to insert it behind your TV and start browsing your library.
  • You need Wi-Fi access to do that. Most hotels now are Wi-Fi enabled.

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Though both the devices are more or less similar, it is Roku which becomes the winner in the perspectives of cost-effectiveness. It provides nonstop entertainment without eating your pockets.

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