What Are The New Roku TV Features

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New Roku TV Features

Streaming your Favorite Movies and the TV shows has become easier with the arrival of Roku TV. Latest streaming devices like the Roku Express, Roku Ultra, and Roku Express can be connected to the TV, which is today. Besides, it is the best option to watch your favorites.

New Roku TV Features

  • Moreover, start watching the hit movies, news, kids’ shows and award-winning shows. And then, subscribe to channels like Netflix, Amazon, HBO, ESPN and a few more. All you need is to have a  roku com link account along with an Active Internet connection
  • First, create your account by entering the www roku com link code on the Link which is provided. The respective roku activation code will be displayed on your TV’s screen
  • Second, use the roku com link sign in for the above process

Features of the Roku TV

  • The TV comes with features like Rich color, Better contrast, 4K and HD Resolution, Dolby vision and a few more.
  • The device provides access to Game console, cable box, streaming channels like Pandora, Netflix, HBO, HBO GO, YouTube and a few more on roku com link
  • The latest models of TV come with Different screen size, Prize Points, and Picture Resolutions.
  • The device is capable of Playing movies and TV shows in HDR (High Dynamic Range)
  • Roku TV Home screen is designed in such a way that you can easily switch between the streaming channels and the other devices. You can also customize each Input icon and the display becomes more attractive
  • Roku TV comes with a remote which is much easier to handle. You will find the buttons in a simple and neat layout
  • Connect your TV to an active Internet connection
  • Then, the features and the channel updates occur. Options are also provided to pause the live contents that are streaming

Start Connecting A USB  Memory Stick To Roku Tv> Pause Live Tv

  • A built-in tuner which is available with your Roku TV can be used. Connect the HDTV antennae and you can watch the television broadcasts that are aired.
  • Roku offers the following TV brands such as
    • Sharp
    • Insignia
    • Tcl
    • Hitachi
    • Hisense

 Roku, Apple TV and Amazon Fire TV are three major manufacturers of the Streaming device with Roku being the most versatile of those devices. Start purchasing your favorite models and have a wonderful streaming Experience.

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