What Are The New TCL Roku TV Features

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TCL Roku TV Features

TCL ROKU TV, considered as one of the best, is now available to stream your favorite movies and videos online. An active Internet connection is essential for a perfect streaming experience. The device has the latest roku com link software and comes with the best features like 4K Resolution, HDR. Now you can access all your favorite apps without the help of an additional streaming player.

TCL Roku TV Features

Key features

Find some of the TCL Roku TV Features given below

  • TCL ROKU TV comes with the Remote which is quite user-friendly. Besides, the buttons on the remote are easy to navigate.
  • Options available on the remote like Head Phone jack, Mic for voice search, shortcut buttons for choosing your Favorite channels like Netflix, Pandora, HBO, HBO GO and a few more
  • AROUND 72 CONTRAST control zones are available on the screen and allow you to personalize your settings. You can also adjust other settings like Contrast, Brightness, Color and a few more
  • The device can also be streamed from apps like NETFLIX, AMAZON VIDEO and no doubt Roku becomes the best among all
  • Customize your Picture settings and start streaming your contents in high quality
  • Built-in speakers to hear the videos in high quality
  • To set up your device , follow the Setup roku guidelines and use a valid roku activation code.


  • Amazing Picture quality
  • Affordable and comes with Low PRIZE
  • Software which is Fast and Easy to Operate
  • Design is more stylish when compared to the other brands of Roku TV

How to watch?

The TCL Roku supports most options such as a cable connection or an online streaming app. Here is a list of the possibilities open to you.

  1. Make use of your cable or satellite connection and stream local channels
  2. You can watch free broadcast channels with the help of an HDTV antenna
  3. Otherwise, simply add an app from the Roku channel and stream online content

Buy your very own Roku TV today and enjoy all of these benefits under one roof.
An active Internet connection is essential. Enter the wireless network username and password when prompted. Your device will now be connected and checks for the required software. Finally, you need to link your roku com link enter code to stream movies and TV shows on your Roku TV. Start streaming your favorites using the TCL TV on your Roku.
TCL Roku TV is pocket-friendly and can still offer users some high-quality streaming features. Visit our Roku website www roku com link to know more about TCL ROKU TV and the best features available. If you need an assistant for Roku.com/link account setup call toll-free number +1-855-804-1313 or visit us at  https://www.rokucodelink.com