Why Is The Green Light Flashing On My Roku Remote

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Green Light Flashing On My Roku Remote

Are you wondering, “Why is the green light flashing on my Roku remote?” This error invariably means that the remote is not working. There are a lot of ways for resolving the www roku com link error code. All you need to do is to follow the guidelines on resolving the errors associated with your Roku remote.

Green Light Flashing On My Roku Remote

Here is some of the quick fix you can follow to overcome the green light flashing on my Roku remote

Part 1

  • Open the battery compartment of your Remote and try reinserting the batteries. Make sure that your roku com link device is turned off
  • Hold the pairing button inside the Remote for five seconds and check if the error still persists. Wait for some time till the green light on your remote stops flashing
  • You can perform a factory reset on your Roku device. Buy a new remote and replace the existing one
  • Unplug the power from Roku and connect it back again
  • Try to put your Roku remote in pairing mode.
  • Replace your batteries with the alkaline batteries and check if the error persists. Also, check if the batteries are inserted correctly
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Part 2

  • Service your Remote once for resolving all the errors
  • Hold the purple button for few seconds and wait for the device to turn ON
  • Download the Roku remote controller application from the Play store and use it if the green light flash appears. The application is available for both Android and the iPhone version
  • Perform a Factory Reset on your device and turn it on again
  • If the above steps don’t work, it is better to purchase a new remote for your Roku device
  • Remove the plastic cover of the Roku remote before using it
  • Check that the negative side of the battery touches the big spring and the positive side touches the other end. If not, remove the batteries and insert back again
  • Restart the Roku device and then wait for a few seconds to use the Remote
  • Repair your Roku remote and check if the green light flashes again
  • Setup roku after the reset using the roku activation code

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